Getting started

This section will guide the reader to install, deploy, and interact with the Panacea blockchain.‌

Table of contents

  • Installation: Instructions on how to install panacead, the server daemon for nodes, the cli tool to interact with panacead.

  • How to Join the network: Panacea is the first official public network running the Panacea Blockchain. This section outlines step by step instructions on how to start operating a node on Panacea.

  • How to deploy own Panacea testnet: How to setup and deploy one's own testnet of the Panacea blockchain, in a single-node local, multi-node local, and remote network context.

  • Introduction to panacead: Using the panacead to interact with the Panacea blockchain.

  • Clients: How to spin up a light client daemon, that stores partial state and responds to REST API queries.

  • Use the Ledger Nano: How to interact with the Panacea blockchain using the Ledger Nano S.

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