Install Go

Go 1.22+ is required.

Install the panacead

If you want to install the panacead binary to run your node or to communicate with other nodes, please clone the panacea-core project and build it.

# Make sure to checkout the correct branch.
git clone -b v2.2.0
cd panacea-core
make install  # All binaries are installed in $GOPATH/bin

Verify that the panacead binary is installed successfully.

$ panacead version

Import panacea-core as a Go dependency

If you want to develop Go applications by importing the panacea-core, you cannot run go get directly due to the design of Go Modules , which doesn't honor replace directives in the go.mod of the panacea-core.

As a workaround, please add replace directives in your go.mod as below.


go 1.22

replace ( => v1.2.0 => v1.0.1-0.20210819022825-2ae1ddf74ef7
    // If you are using a ledger, you may need to replace the line as shown below: => v0.12.4

Then, you can go get the panacea-core.

go get

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