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About DEP Prototype

After successfully launching the DEP (Data Exchange Protocol) prototype on the testnet in early 2023, the MediBloc team confirmed the potential and technical capabilities of this technology through various projects. Additionally, we have considered the marketability of DEP and related Data Exchange Services and have prepared the service by closely communicating with potential customers.
However, we concluded that to make our service viable and scalable in the rapidly changing crypto industry, we need to embrace not only a small number of users familiar with WEB3 but also the majority of general users familiar with WEB2. Therefore, to promote the growth of our project, blockchain technology needs to be more seamlessly integrated with Dapps like MediPass and Dr.palette, which adopt Panacea technology, to embrace a broader user base.

New Strategy for Expanding Data Pools

Thus, we have revised our plans from expanding the data pool through personal health data access and third-party service coverage to quickly expanding the accessible data pool through cooperation with institutions. We plan to expand personal health data accessibility in forms that can be realized in the future by closely monitoring the rapidly changing regulatory environment in the virtual asset industry.
The main participants expected by MediBloc are individuals and companies or institutions interested in or related to the healthcare industry. Therefore, MediBloc will focus on securing healthcare institutions and patients through cooperation with various third parties. We are also cooperating with various parties to establish identity and data authentication infrastructure (e.g., cooperation with existing identity authentication service providers), which will provide real value to our services and make them necessary technologies.
Therefore, MediBloc focuses on advancing blockchain technology to be actively used in Dapps like MediPass and Dr.palette, which already have secured over 700,000 users. We will continue to advance our technology and consider ways to apply it more actively to ensure that our services are most effectively utilized for healthcare data in line with the regulatory environment. Suppose we can implement services that connect healthcare institutions and patients more closely using medical records generated during the treatment process at healthcare institutions with personal health data. In that case, the potential for the development of the medical industry will be limitless.

New Roadmap for Expanding the Data Pool

  • 2021: The Road to Interchain
    • Open validator participation publicly
    • Enable IBC (Inter-blockchain Communication)
    • List MED on DEX (Osmosis)
  • 2022: Enhancing Panacea Ecosystem
    • Ensuring the long-term sustainability of the validator ecosystem
    • Involving professional validators and corporate validators from various fields
  • 2023: Expansion of Promising Service Providers
    • Support expansion of 3rd party services using Panacea (EHR, PHR, authentication solutions, etc.)
  • 2024+: Advanced Healthcare Services Using Panacea
    • Further enhance EHR integration to provide a service experience based on Panacea for medical institutions and medical practitioners
    • Provide PHR service that can obtain a better medical institution usage experience by utilizing personal health records
    • Apply Panacea to communication services that effectively connect medical service users and providers
MediBloc believes in the potential and infinite possibilities of blockchain technology. To realize it, we will make efforts to improve blockchain technology based on our experience launching the DEP prototype, so that it can be stably operated in various healthcare data-related services, including MediPass and Dr.palette.
To meet the needs of our customers, MediBloc aims to provide innovative services using blockchain technology to the fullest. We will continue our research and development of blockchain-related technologies and trends, and make efforts to promote blockchain technology to more people.